Jordan is is a model and an example which is the standard to our vision which needs courageous thought that relies on a complete change to the old ways of thought and the way decisions are taken in order for us to overcome our traditional and outdated ways to solve problems so that we can evolve to new and modern ways to develop long term strategies and programs which are focused on our vision for the future of this country.


His Majesty King Abdallah II

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About Us

Al Daman for Development Zones Company (DDC) is a private company owned by the Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF), established in 2009 to become the investing arm & holding company for 2 major development zones in Jordan.

DDC owns 100% in North Development Corporation, the master developer for Irbid Development Area, and 80% in Mafraq Development Corporation the master developer for King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area, those 2 development areas were the first two out of five areas to be launched in Jordan, to learn more about them please visit their sites or click on the below logos

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